13 August 2016

These Guys Are Better At This Than I'll Ever Be

Kellri turned his fiery eye-beam on Boot Hill and put together a series of resources that must be seen to be appreciated: a color .pdf map of Promise City | a referee's spreadsheet for 2e Boot Hill | a color .pdf of the El Dorado County campaign map | another color .pdf campaign map, this time with locations added, and a .pdf "referee's reference" which complies rules from the core rulebook, the modules, and I believe some 3e material as well. The database and the referee's reference are puro oro.

Chris Kutalik at Hill Cantons published a fast pack for quickly arming and equipping Boot Hill characters - it's a crowd-sourced work of quirky genius.

Both these guys are really good at this.


  1. Thanks for the plug! Look forward to following the campaign.

  2. gear not hear, dang autocorrect